Term's & Condition
1 Clicking the acceptance on your computer systems will confirm the acceptance of the following terms & conditions.
2 Resellership shall be on non exclusive basis and to follow the guide lines of B.Algo & their principle company from time to time.
3 Reseller will purchase the goods as per the prices agreed from time to time by issuing the post dated cheque of the transaction in advance with the order.
4 Reseller shall place order with adequate delivery period and with all details. All such orders shall be subject to acceptance by B.Algo. B.Algo shall make best efforts to execute the order as per the accepted terms of PO. However B.Algo shall not be responsible for any delay in executing the order.
5 Order once placed cannot be cancelled by reseller. However only under very special conditions cancellation can be accepted by B.Algo which be negotiated separately
6 So long as the purchase price of the goods has been duly paid to B.Algo, the reseller shall be the owner of the goods received by him. However B.Algo shall have general lien on all the goods of the reseller for the time being in the possession of B.Algo ( including the goods already paid for but of which delivery may not have been taken by reseller ) or delivered to the reseller or to their buyer  for any amount due to B.Algo.
7 The risk associated with the goods shall be deemed to have been passed to the reseller as soon as he / his authorized representative takes the delivery of the goods at B.Algo's warehouse. B.Algo shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the goods once the reseller takes delivery at B.Algo's warehouse.
8 Price & terms of business shall be treated as confidential information and the reseller shall maintain the confidentiality of such price & other information.
9 Credit limit if granted, shall be at the sole discretion of B.Algo & it can be increased or reduced at any time without assigning any reason.
10 All the amounts payable by either parties prior to or as of the effective date of termination shall become immediately due and payable. B.Algo shall not be bound to execute the pending purchase order of the reseller regardless of acceptance of the same by B.Algo prior to the date of termination of credit limit.
11 Relationship between B.Algo and reseller shall be that of a seller and buyer and not that of principle and agent.
12 In case of cheque getting dishonored for any reason, the reseller shall pay the amount due towards the bounced cheque together with penal charges of 2% upfront on the cheque value or Rs 200/- which ever is higher by means of demand draft within 2 working days of receipt of information from B.Algo.
13 Sales return, if any, for any reason, shall attract a debit of Min. of Rs 200/- per item plus the interest from the date of bill or delivery which ever is earlier. Any scheme, if availed on this scheme, shall also be reversed. B.Algo is also free to debit any expenditure that is incurred by company on this transaction like delivery cost, recovery cost etc.
14 Non receipt of order acceptance by B.Algo or non acknowledgement of B.Algo's invoice by the reseller shall not be ground for reseller to withhold the payment due to B.Algo.
15 In the event of the reseller failing to pay up the amount due to B.Algo, B.Algo shall enter the premises of the reseller, seize and take away the goods and can sell it and appropriate such sale proceeds towards any and all amount owed by reseller to B.Algo.
16 All transactions are subject to competent jurisdiction in Nagpur.

This contract is deemed to have been signed in Nagpur on the date of acceptance.